Training in the Profession of Industrial Clerk

Punctual invoicing, purchasing of various materials, goods receipt and dispatch, accurate and timely payroll accounting, accurate accounting. No company can do business or work well without these key activities.

As an industrial clerk, you will in other words be dealing with all essential administrative and business tasks.

The core tasks that industrial clerks must carry out at our company include:

  • Issuing and checking of invoices as well as controlling for incoming payments and reminders
  • Booking and processing of invoices to be paid (accounts payable) as well as the booking and processing of expected incomings (accounts receivable)
  • Handling of inquiries and ordering processes
  • Personnel management and accounting – for example, the management of absentees (leave, illness, etc.); issuing of various written confirmations
  • Recruitment – management of job advertisements and applications
  • Acceptance and recording of incoming goods; software-based creation of freight documents, shipping documents, customs declarations and other documentation
  • Communications with various authorities, customers and business partners
  • Switchboard and reception


You will be the perfect match for us if ...

  • you possess at least the ‘mittlere Reife’ (General Certificate of Secondary Education) with a Grade of 2.4
  • you are interested in commercial, administration and business processes
  • you are reliable and motivated and happy to show initiative 

Unfortunetly we can not take applications for 2017!



Point of Contact

Markus Jenkner
Human Resources
+49 7191 904 38-4110

Johann Burgart
Training Supervisor (mechanic)
+49 7191 904 38-5118

Martina Rehm
Training Supervisor (clerk)
+49 7191 904 38-0

Postal Address

RIVA GmbH Engineering
Human Resources
Manfred-von-Ardenne-Allee 33
D-71522 Backnang

Adresse der Berufsschule

Heininger Weg 43
71522 Backnang

+49 7191 / 896 -400