The town of Backnang – RIVA GmbH Engineering's location

The town of Backnang in the Rems-Murr district is located around 27 kilometers to the north-east of Stuttgart. The River Murr meanders through the town center and has from the start played a central role in the town's history. There is evidence of the first settlements being established here during ancient Roman times. Many places along the banks of the river, for example, remain accessible to this day.

Besides the bustling and historic old town that has many places to visit and attractive cultural events, Backnang also convinces with a large range of leisure and recreational activities in a beautiful landscape. Backnang also, of course, possesses a great infrastructure with everything that you need – many daycare facilities and schools and every imaginable shopping opportunity.

The town is conveniently located on Federal Highway No. 14 that connects Stuttgart to Nuremberg. The city center of Stuttgart is just half an hour's drive away by car. The railway station with its two commuter lines is connected to Stuttgart's commuter railway network and is the central point of a smoothly running public transport network.