Sheet-Metal Working

RIVA GmbH Engineering is in its element with aluminum and stainless-steel working. This is where the entire spectrum of sheet-metal working comes to bear. Lasers cut sheets of up to six meters in length and two meters in width at a thickness of up to 50 millimeters with a precision that can hardly be exceeded – even when the most complicated of contours are required.

The company's water-jet cutting equipment is used when the heat generated by laser cutting would result in the components being deformed to an unacceptable degree. This process is a little more time-consuming than laser cutting but it does make the handling of larger material thicknesses possible as it causes hardly any deformation.


RIVA also has a high speed punching machine at its disposal for creating simpler repeating patterns in metal plates.


Programmable bending presses that are able to apply pressing forces of up to 320 tonnes bring the custom-made sheet-metal plates into the desired shape. A robot in the fully automated bending cell takes the sheet-metal plates, secures them during the bending process and then stacks them for further use.

We are very proud of our machinery. We are able to execute almost every step of manufacturing ourselves: Aligning, deburring, grinding, welding, sawing – everything from a single source.


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