Our RIVA Umbrella

As a pioneer of engineering, RIVA shapes the world of modern man in urban space. Our solutions for shading public spaces fit perfectly into the concepts of contemporary, transparent architecture and create places with a high quality of stay.

While the play of light and shadow has always been a design option in architecture, shading and sun protection in public spaces is currently becoming an indispensable necessity. The use of RIVA umbrellas in the design of a building environment enables professional sun protection as an architectural component, eliminates the difference between inside and outside and creates interesting visual axes.



The main component of the funnel-shaped tulip umbrella is the membrane made of high-strength Teflon fabric. The mast and arms are made of solid aluminum and have a special Teflon-based coating.

The wireless remote control via app on smartphone or tablet allows the optional control of individual units or entire groups of umbrellas. An integrated tilt sensor closes the umbrella automatically if the wind speed exceeds a critical value. Each Umbrella is equipped with a self-sufficient power supply including an integrated battery for operating the Umbrella and LED lighting. The drive and control unit are powered by a 24 V battery which is charged via solar cells or an external connection.

RIVA manufactures the umbrella in various sizes, available in edge lengths of 6,8,10 and 12 m. Thanks to numerous additional options, the RIVA Umbrella is ideal for individualisation: an optionally to customer requirements adapted colour scheme and decoration, makes the umbrella fit perfectly into its surroundings, while adaptable functionality and aesthetics open up a wide range of possibilities. The LED lighting uses a specially developed optical lens to produce optimal illumination results in the surrounding area, including a freely selectable lighting mood. The membrane is also available in the colour of your choice, and the mast and arms can be decorated with an individual ornament as well.

The RIVA umbrella is made of high-quality aluminum and is characterised by the highest stability of the overall construction. If necessary, RIVA prepares the umbrella's implementation into the surrounding ground as well as into the existing building control system.

Whether promenades, squares, parks, green areas or building environments – the RIVA Umbrella offers excellent opportunities to generate design units in landscape and urban architecture that are convincing both functionally and aesthetically.