Ornamental Aluminum Screens

Ornamental Aluminum Screens

At RIVA Engineering, the art of metalwork is elevated to new heights with our ornamental aluminum screens, which adorn the sacred expanses of the Holy Mosque. These screens are not merely decorative; they serve the crucial function of protecting the structural integrity of the spaces they encase, from plain walls to ventilation systems and technological compartments.

Our commitment to beauty and functionality is showcased through our meticulous crafting process. We mill the most elaborate ornaments from solid blocks of aluminum and stainless steel, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Islamic art and architecture. These designs are not just adornments but are a modern reinterpretation of centuries-old patterns, bringing the legacy of Islamic artistry into the contemporary realm of façade technology.

The scale of our ambition is matched by the capabilities of our machinery. RIVA's state-of-the-art equipment enables the creation of aluminum façade elements up to 16 meters in length and 2.2 meters in width from a single block of aluminum. This distinctive feature of our service offering is unparalleled on the global stage.

Our ornamental screens are tailored to the specific needs of each project. We integrate insulating glass panels, gold plating, or custom imprints as required. To protect these intricate works from the elements, we employ the most advanced coating and finishing processes, including a patented Teflon coating and water transfer printing techniques that achieve stunning wood grain or marble effects.

The scope of our work is vast, encompassing nearly 18,000 square meters of bespoke aluminum screens, each meticulously designed and manufactured. The projects include:

7,672 m² for the Expansion Building
4,323 m² for the North Bridges
323 m² for the Shamiyah Minarets
5,556 m² for the Service Building

Through these projects, RIVA Engineering doesn't just contribute to the aesthetic of a building; we forge a synergy between artistic expression and architectural integrity, ensuring each structure we touch resonates with the harmony of its surroundings.


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