Glass Gates

Glass Gates

RIVA Engineering's portfolio features a remarkable innovation in the form of their glass swing gates. These gates, available as both double-wing and four-wing configurations, are a testament to RIVA's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. Standing up to 7 meters tall and stretching as wide as 14 meters, they present an otherworldly presence that captivates the eye.

The creation of these gates required RIVA's engineers and their clients to venture into uncharted territory. They achieved a level of finesse previously unseen in gate systems of such magnitude, where the glass serves as the load-bearing element, rather than the frame. This was made possible through a meticulously engineered glass assembly, comprising eight laminated panes, affixed to the frame with high-performance silicone.

Each gate leaf, weighing up to five tons, necessitates the use of robust, tailor-made motors to facilitate a computer-controlled operation that is both precise and fluid. RIVA's dedication to safety is evident in their comprehensive safety and protection concept, ensuring secure operation at all times. This includes load cells at entry and exit points, touch and pressure-sensitive sensors, cutting-edge camera technology, and advanced control software, all working in concert to guarantee the safety of both individuals and machinery.

The gates are not only functional marvels but also works of art. They are crafted using exclusive materials, including finely manufactured stainless steel and aluminum components, with finishes that can be customized to client preferences, including painting or gold plating. This is complemented by laminated safety glass adorned with decorative prints or gold coatings, embodying RIVA's signature blend of elegance and durability.

In the Shamiyah project's South Elevation, RIVA's expertise is showcased through the installation of 79 individual gates, encompassing 16 unique gate types. The project required 275 tons of stainless-steel frames and 1,340 square meters of laminated and partially gilded safety glass, further cementing RIVA's position as a leader in innovative façade engineering.


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