Machining Production

RIVA uses modern milling technology to manufacture most of its exclusive façade elements. RIVA GmbH Engineering's machinery includes the most powerful, precise and largest milling machines on the market. Multi-spindle machining and latest-generation controls compatible with Industry 4.0 create the best conditions for achieving top-class results.

The size of the façade elements means that specially adapted machines have to be employed for each specific task.

The lathes that are used to produce special components also meet the standards of the current state of the art and science.


Our cutting, largely ‘white’ manufacturing can basically be divided into three areas: Components made from stainless steel, components made from aluminum and profiles made from aluminum. RIVA regularly approaches the capacity of its machinery and therefore relies heavily on the respective market leaders, including such German manufacturers as Chiron, SHW, MKM and Schüco.


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