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RIVA GmbH Engineering brings together almost 50 years of experience in the planning and realization of glass and metal façades. Established in October 2004, RIVA developed from Götz GmbH Metallbau, which had for decades been one of the most important builders of façades in Germany. A small group of specialists initially concentrated exclusively on the provision of engineering services to the façade sector.

However, a major project in Mecca in Saudi Arabia subsequently became a significant milestone in the history of the company. It concerned a glass façade structure that extends across six floors above the world's largest clock at the top of the monumental Mecca Royal Clock Tower Hotel – currently the third-tallest building in the world. This structure – which due to its shape came to be called ‘The Jewel’ – laid the foundation stone for intensive cooperation during the expansion work on the Holy Mosque in Mecca, the most important and largest mosque in the world of Islam.

Meanwhile, RIVA has become a central player in the process of expanding the mosque. We manufacture components that set the standard in terms of scale, functionality and design - mobile roof structures made of glass and stainless steel, power-operated, multi-leaf doors and complex façade elements of various designs in terms of size and texture.

In 2016, we started the construction of Germany's highest residential tower, the Frankfurt based Grand Tower. RIVA is responsible for planning, construction, production, as well as pre-assembly and final assembly of the façade. The building owner, gsp Städtebau, is part of the RIVA Group. High sound insulation, optimized insulation values as well as a Teflon-based, time-resistant and UV-impermeable coating of the aluminum parts increase the value of the façade in an impressive manner. A rainwater drainage system realized between shel and building envelope as well as a special composite structure, which allows flush window constructions with variable fittings, give the design numerous unique selling points. The sophisticated result forms the prototype for a new system façade.

Meanwhile, the project has received the fourth international award and comes up as world acclaimed architecture.

Since then, production capacity needs to be steadily expanded. Precisely geared to the requirements of contemporary façade construction, a unique machinery has now been created – and RIVA is expanding! To fully serve the wide sector of Engineering, we develop solutions for the surroundings of buildings (shading and weather protection) as well as power storage and mobile energy.

Open, transparent architecture and spaces that create places with a high quality of stay is our leitmotif.



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