Custom Production

Glass Gates

Gates made from glass sections represent another highlight within RIVA's portfolio. Thanks to innovative solutions, RIVA is able to realize gates that possess two and four leaves with dimensions that are almost unbelievable. At heights of up to seven meters and widths of up to 16 meters, these gates look like something from another world. A single leaf may weigh up to five tonnes. They are opened and closed using powerful custom-made motors and computer controls.

To this end, RIVA has developed a safety and protection concept to guarantee safe operation at all times: Scales at the entrance and exit areas, touch- and pressure-sensitive sensors, state-of-the-art camera technologies and highly developed control software guarantee reliable and safe opening and closing. The demands on ensuring the safety of people and machines are always taken into account from the outset.

Only exclusive materials that perfect their exquisite appearance are used for the gates. Precision-manufactured stainless-steel and aluminum components are given coated or gold-plated finishes and rounded off with laminated safety glass that has been enhanced with decorative prints or gold plate in accordance with customer requirements.