Dual System of Vocational Training and Education: 
Specializing in construction – façade engineering

The benefit of this programme that combines vocational training and education is the in-depth teaching of theoretical knowledge with its practical application soon after. Phases of theory and practice are regularly alternated over a period of three years in cooperation with the Duale Hochschule in Mosbach.

The great practical experience that is offered constitutes the ideal preparation for your later professional life.


What opportunities for work exist?

You will work with us as a project manager or designer following graduation.

Design processes usually commence with the clients' or architects' construction and design drawings. You will be developing 2D- or 3D-designs on the basis of these documents. You will also be planning, calculating, designing and determining all individual components, creating bills of material, coordinating and ensuring the punctual realization of the project. You will be supported by the structural engineering, purchasing, production and logistics departments.

As the person responsible for the project, you will also accompany the production of the first sample, for analyzing the design's strengths and weaknesses and optimizing it. Constant contact and exchange with the person responsible at the place of deployment, i.e. construction site, in order to ascertain all the circumstances and verify the project's feasibility. During this process, you will recognize optimization opportunities and will forward corresponding recommendations to the design or assembly departments.

The university course will focus on

  • Technical mechanics and materials strength
  • Design
  • Construction physics and structural engineering
  • Materials science
  • Project planning and management
  • Building engineering and electrical engineering
  • Business sciences and construction law
  • Marketing, quality management, etc.


You will be the perfect match for us if ...

  • you possess the Allgemeine Hochschulreife (General Qualification for University Entrance) with a grade of at least 2.4 (mathematics, physics, chemistry)
  • you are interested in façade engineering and are really enthusiastic about realizing modern buildings
  • you are ambitious and motivated and enjoy showing initiative 

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Point of Contact

Markus Jenkner
Human Resources
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Training Supervisor (mechanic)
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Martina Rehm
Training Supervisor (clerk)
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