Corporate Culture

Hermann Püttmer


“The RIVA company – and that means all of us – is responsible to its clients for the quality of its products. We stand for functional, cost-efficient and aesthetic glass and metal structures.”



Hermann Püttmer, Founder of RIVA GmbH Engineering

Mission Statement

Our work is aimed at helping our customers succeed.

We work towards achieving this aim by perfectly coordinating interaction between our construction and manufacturing experts and the ultra-modern and pioneering technologies that we use.

We jointly explore the boundaries of what is technically feasible and manufacture façade and construction elements of outstanding quality and that, both in regard to shape and size, surpass everything that has gone before. It is in this way that we are able to create almost endless freedom for our customers to design and use our materials of choice – which are aluminum, stainless steel and glass.

Architects, construction clients and investors appreciate the great vertical range of manufacture that exists with high levels of differentiation at our company. With more than 50 years of experience in the construction of façades and our commercial and technical know-how, we see ourselves as partners of equal standing.

Our flexibility and pioneering skills enable us to search for ways to consolidate our strategic orientation as a premium manufacturer and to release our development potential. Far-sighted investments in the technology we employ and our workforce help us achieve sustainable growth and rapidly adjust to new situations.


RIVA is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. We act in accordance with and are openly and self-confidently committed to our objectives as set out for our quality-management system.

Client Orientation

In the knowledge that only the total fulfilment of customer expectations will guarantee our continued survival on the market, it is RIVA GmbH Engineering's declared commercial objective to establish and operate an integrated and continuously dynamic quality-management system. Such systems also help to ensure cost effectiveness for both us and our clients.

Innovative Power

Modern, future-oriented technology, qualified employees, the implementation of quality-assurance expertise and the application of the appropriate methods constitute the essential conditions required to achieve this quality objective. The management is responsible for providing the resources required to this end.


The quality-management system we employ has been adapted to our company's size and corporate structure. We stand for intensive quality assurance – from feasibility tests to the completion of products. It is intended that our qualified employees – as well as our operations-based training measures – deliver and maintain quality awareness throughout the workforce and minimize errors through preventive measures.

Continous Improvement

Our quality-assurance concept has been structured in such a way that it makes preventing errors a priority. Its primary aim is the continuous improvement of processes and adaptation to technical innovation. Each member of staff is obliged to ensure that errors are eliminated when deviations from the concept occur. Personal commitment is expected from each employee so that we are able to maintain and expand our position in the marketplace.
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