In an impressive display of innovation and craftsmanship, RIVA has masterfully created aluminum oriels that exude the classic charm of traditional solid wood carvings. These oriels, inspired by the iconic Arabic "Al Roshan" with "Meshrebeeyeh" or "Rowshin" with "Mashrabiya," are prominent architectural features that traditionally consist of bay windows enclosed by intricately carved wooden lattices.

RIVA's approach involved meticulously milling aluminum parts from solid blocks to form the core structure of these bay windows. To achieve the authentic appearance of a traditional wooden structure, each component is individually treated with a proprietary coating technique that mimics the intricate patterns of wood grain. This technique involves a patented, multi-layer Teflon-based coating system coupled with water transfer printing, allowing for the application of wood effects on a scale previously unattainable.

The project's scope is as impressive as its craftsmanship, encompassing 12 unique variants and 186 individual units, amounting to 1,000 tons of precision-machined aluminum. The resulting façade elevation spans 6,625 square meters, all finished with 29,000 square meters of the special wood-grain finish. This endeavor not only showcases RIVA's technical prowess but also their commitment to blending traditional aesthetics with modern materials for enduring architectural solutions.


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