Makkah Royal Clock Tower

Makkah Royal Clock Tower

The Makkah Royal Clock Tower skyscraper is the main building in the Abraj-Al-Bait Towers complex in Mecca and – at 601 meters tall – it is currently the third-tallest building in the world and naturally the tallest in Saudi Arabia. In 2009, RIVA accomplished a great feat by creating a special glass structure on the skyscraper at a height of 450 meters that attracted a lot of attention in Saudi Arabia. A semi-transparent glass façade structure that possesses a lightweight design and whose diameter of up to 35 meters stretches across six floors rises above the world's largest clock tower. Externally, it resembles a cut gemstone, which is why it is also called ‘The Jewel’. More than 1,000 panes of insulating glass panes coated in a special green convey the impression of a multifaceted polished emerald. The interior of the fully accessible glass structure is now home to an Institute for Islamic Studies. At just 600 meters as the crow flies from the Holy Mosque in Mecca, it couldn't be situated any more appropriately.

Design, layout, development, planning, engineering, technical planning – RIVA was responsible for all the work, including construction, that the project involved. Thanks to a highly dedicated team of engineers, designers and construction specialists, a gem of outstanding quality has been created that became the decisive foundation stone for more RIVA projects in Saudi Arabia.

Project Details

Services rendered by
RIVA GmbH Engineering:
Planning, development, installation of glass and façade construction; monitoring of manufacturing of all glass elements

Dar Al-Handasah (Shair and Partners) and SL Rasch GmbH

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