Linear Luminaires

Linear Luminaires

RIVA Engineering's Lighting Division is renowned for its bespoke lighting solutions, tailored to meet the specific desires of each project. Our Linear Luminaires, a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality, have been a centerpiece in the expansive Haram Expansion Building and Mataf, stretching over an impressive 12.5 kilometers.

Crafted with precision, each luminaire body is milled from solid stainless steel, meticulously polished, and adorned with a layer of gold plating, reflecting our dedication to detail and luxury. The lighting systems we engineer are not only a marvel in aesthetics but also in performance and safety, ensuring uninterrupted operation at the highest standards.

Our custom-designed circuit boards are equipped with advanced features, including permanent temperature monitoring and an operational hours counter. These features allow for precise control of light intensity, ensuring a consistent and uniform illumination throughout their extensive service life. Our relentless pursuit to push the boundaries of technology means that we consistently meet, and often exceed, all the requirements for professional digital lighting and control.

The entire luminaire construction is a RIVA hallmark, from the robust substructure and sophisticated electrical equipment to the opulent gilded decorative panel. Each component is designed and manufactured by RIVA, specifically tailored for its designated location within the Holy Mosque, offering a range of designs and variations to suit diverse architectural needs.

The project's scale is monumental, with over 11,200 square meters of gold-plated surfaces and nearly 800,000 individual LEDs, each with custom-designed optics. The infrastructure is supported by 149 kilometers of fire-resistant cables and over 600 individual control cabinets, ensuring the highest levels of safety and functionality.

RIVA's Linear Luminaires are not just lighting fixtures; they are powerful single LEDs, managed via a DALI-controller, and often housed in groups of twelve within exquisitely milled aluminum ornaments. These Cornice Lightings, predominantly used as wall lights, are entirely manufactured and tested in Germany, symbolizing RIVA's unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

With RIVA Engineering, light transcends its functional purpose, becoming an integral element of architectural beauty and technological prowess.


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