Grand Tower

Grand Tower

RIVA GmbH Engineering played a key role in the construction of the imposing Grand Tower in Frankfurt am Main by being responsible for the planning, design, production, pre-assembly and final assembly of the façade. This " single-source" mentality, shaped by decades of experience, is reflected in the processes that make the project an outstanding example of excellence in architecture.

The Grand Tower, strategically located at the beginning of Europa-Allee, is an impressive urban prelude on a busy main road. Its architecture impresses with a fascinating vitality that manifests itself in the flow of the cubature. The tower strives for openness and does not seek to return to its own form. Each element of the building is unique, which preserves the visual weightlessness of the façade and avoids standard components.

The façade construction of the Grand Tower is characterized by high sound proofing and optimized insulation values, complemented by a Teflon-based, time-resistant and UV-impermeable coating of the aluminium parts. An ingenious rainwater drainage system and a special composite structure for aligned window constructions with variable fittings give the design numerous unique selling points. The outstanding quality of the result led to the Grand Tower serving as a prototype for a new system façade once the planning was complete.

The architectural sophistication of the Grand Tower is also reflected in the orientation of the apartment layouts, which avoid an exclusive north-facing orientation and instead favor east and west orientations. The loggias of the apartments are particularly noteworthy, as they create elegant spaces through alternating aluminum balustrades that envelop the entire glass façade and offer both sun protection and privacy. A fascinating interplay of shapes unfolds, which contributes significantly to the visual sophistication of the tower.

The Grand Tower has not only enriched the Frankfurt skyline, but has also won numerous international awards. In 2017, the prestigious project was awarded international prizes, including Best Residential Tower in Europe. The Grand Tower is thus celebrated architecture worldwide: in fall 2017, the tower won the German Design Award. The prize honors the design in the category Excellent Communications Design Architecture: Residential. The jury's verdict: "With a height of 172 m and 44,000 m2 of space, the Grand Tower is exemplary of forward-looking residential construction and aesthetically sophisticated densification in inner-city areas. The iconic façade offers every resident a private outdoor space as well as wind and sun protection."

At the European Property Award 2017, the Grand Tower achieved a triple victory for the sector "Germany" , winning Best Residential High-rise Architecture Germany in the category "Architecture" and Best Residential High-rise Development Germany in the category "Project Development". In addition, its marketing is awarded as Best Development Marketing Germany.

The ceremony of the International Property Award in London is very special as well: The Grand Tower dominates the category "Best Residential High-rise Architecture Europe".

These international recognitions underline the groundbreaking significance of the Grand Tower as an architectural jewel and a pioneering example of housing construction and urban densification.


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