Grand Tower

Grand Tower

During the construction of Frankfurt's Grand Tower, RIVA covers planning, construction, production as well as pre-assembly and final assembly of the façade. Processes in the spirit of this all-in-one mentality are carried out at RIVA with decades of experience.

The location at the beginning of Europa-Allee sets a stage-urban prelude to the busy main road. The architecture of the Grand Tower is characterized by an impressive vitality: The flow direction of the cubature continues at various points from the center of the building, the Tower does not seek the return to its own form, but rather strives into the open. Due to the high degree of individuality of each element, the components are exclusively custom made … as if the optical weightlessness of the façade would be unnecessarily impaired by standard fabrication.



High sound insulation, optimized insulation values as well as a Teflon-based, time-resistant and UV-impermeable coating of the aluminum parts increase the value of the façade in an impressive manner. A rainwater drainage system realized between shel and building envelope as well as a special composite structure, which allows flush window constructions with variable fittings, give the design numerous unique selling points. The sophisticated result forms the prototype for a new system façade.

The design minimizes façade areas on the direct north side in favor of east and west orientation. Apartment layouts in exclusively northern orientation do not exist. Noteworthy are also the loggias of the apartments: inter-connected aluminum balustrades form elegantly closed rooms that envelop the entire glass facade and provide sun protection and privacy. The result is an intriguing interplay of shapes and forms, which contributes significantly to the optical sophistication of the tower.

As new and varied perspectives on architecture emerge from the city's different viewpoints, the Grand Tower will quickly take its place in the Frankfurt skyline.

In 2017, the prestigious project has been awarded with international prizes, i.a. as the best residential tower in Europe. The Grand Tower is thus world-acclaimed architecture: in autumn 2017, the Tower won the German Design Award. The award honors the design in the category Excellent Communications Design Architecture: Residential. The jury: "With a height of 172 m and 44,000 m2 floor area, the Grand Tower exemplifies pioneering housing construction as well as aesthetically sophisticated downtown densification. The iconic façade offers each resident a private outdoor space as well as wind and sun protection. "

At the European Property Award 2017, the Grand Tower won a triple victory for Germany: Architecture Best Residential Highrise Architecture Germany and Project Development Best Residential High-Rise Development Germany. In addition, the marketing got awarded as Best Development Marketing Germany.

The awarding of the International Property Award in London turned out as a very special event to us: The Grand Tower is the best residential tower in Europe and dominated the category Best Residential High-rise Architecture Europe.


Services commissioned by
RIVA GmbH Engineering:
Planning, development, manufacturing, installation of all glass and aluminum façades

Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie.

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