Ornamental Aluminum Balustrades

At RIVA Engineering, we understand that architectural elements like balustrades are more than just safety features; they are integral to the design and beauty of a structure. That's why, for the expansion of the Holy Mosque in Makkah, we took on the challenge of creating over 16 kilometers of bespoke balustrades that are as functional as they are ornate.

Our approach is far from one-size-fits-all. Each balustrade is meticulously crafted to fit its specific location within the mosque's complex architecture. Whether incorporating glass panes for unobstructed views or integrating highly detailed aluminum elements with safety glazing, our balustrades are a testament to our commitment to tailored craftsmanship.

The design process for these balustrades was intricate and precise. Utilizing 3D engineering, each element was carved from solid aluminum blocks, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with the mosque's aesthetic vocabulary. The result is a series of balustrades that not only complement the grandeur of the mosque but also meet the rigorous impact load requirements.

For the areas surrounding the Kaaba, we designed an additional type of balustrade with glass filling to preserve the visibility of this sacred site. These, along with the ornamental aluminum and glass balustrades for the Mataf and the Expansion and Service Building, combine to form a harmonious blend of safety, beauty, and reverence for tradition.

In total, RIVA provided 12,500 meters of ornamental aluminum and glass balustrades for the Expansion and Service Building, 3,500 meters for the Mataf area, and an impressive cumulative length of bespoke balustrades that span over 16 kilometers. Each meter reflects RIVA's unparalleled expertise in façade engineering and our dedication to enhancing the world's most revered structures.


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